About Us

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Hey! We are youth from Los Angeles who are involved in the UCLA/IDEA Council of Youth Research, a group that researches issues facing schools and communities in order to improve life for students. We represent five high schools across L.A. – Crenshaw, Locke, Manual Arts, Roosevelt and Wilson – and through our research, we expose systemic inequalities in California’s educational system and share the experiences of students who often feel marginalized with educators, students, politicians, and community members. Our goal is to change the inequalities that we see in our schools and communities. We have presented our research at Los Angeles City Hall and at the American Educational Research Association (AERA) conference in Denver, Colorado. We interviewed California state politicians in Sacramento and are preparing to share our new work at the next AERA conference in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Our current research is focused on the state of education in California ten years after the filing of the Williams v. California case, which aimed to provide equal educational opportunity to all of California’s students.

We are currently gathering data through conducting interviews, focus groups and observations, writing field notes, and analyzing survey data.

Our research has five different areas of focus:

Learning Resources- Focusing on what learning resources students currently have and the effectiveness of those resources.

Teaching- Researching the quality and type of teaching to which all students are entitled.

Curriculum- Studying the type of curriculum that drives the educational process forward on a road that is empowering.

Leadership- Focusing on the characteristics of organic and traditional leaders and the role they play in education.

Social And Physical Ecology- Analyzing the social and physical environment of schools and communities and the impact these have on students.

Please engage with us about our research through this blog, and come out and see us at one of our upcoming presentations!

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